What To Do in DFW This Week

What To Do in DFW This Week
Whether you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or will soon be visiting, the options for fun activities are endless. We picked out some of our favorite activities to do with our Montana West bags (of course)! If you're looking for country western activities, although both cities have a plethora of good options, Fort Worth has a bit more to choose from. Below we've put together some of our favorite places and which handbag we would bring for the fun outing: 
1. The Fort Worth Stockyards
Anything you want to do can be done at the Stockyards. Grab a drink with friends, check out people riding their horses, and even eat more good food than you could possibly imagine. The Stockyards is home to everything western and you'll want to spend a lot of time here if you're looking for a fun place to go!
The Bags We'd Bring: RLC-L081 and TR67-8360
2. Dallas Heritage Village
If you're looking to go to a good museum, check out Dallas Heritage Village. With its use of historic buildings and furnishing, it'll take you back in time. Explore and learn more about the history of Dallas and Central North Texas. 
The Bags We'd Bring: MW697-8360 and MW717-8108
3. Fort Worth Zoo
Lions, Tigers, and Bears - oh my! The Fort Worth Zoo is a great family activity where you'll be able to see and experience wildlife in real life. (We suggest going in the cooler months to avoid the terrible heat!)
The Bags We'd Bring: MW703-9210 and MW714-8360 
4. Sundance Square
We love the Sundance Square as a date night idea! Explore the shops and good restaurants around the Square as you take in the atmosphere of downtown Fort Worth. 
The Bags We'd Bring: LEA-6025 and MW707G-918

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