Our Inspiration Board

Our Inspiration Board

Everyone needs some inspiration every now and then. We love the fact that inspiration boards do just that. We've gathered a few of our current inspirations and put them all in one place (board) for us to get our creative juices flowing. 

Now Playing

Music has a big impacted on motivating us to get things done and put us in a creative mood. We chose "Check Yes or No" from the country crooner George himself to put us in the inspired mood. 

Style Icon

We believe that each and every person have their own style and are an icon in being themselves. But, for inspiration, we chose Annie Oakley, the ultimate country girl. She reminds us that guns aren't just for boys 😉

What Montana West Girls Love

It's always a good idea to step back and realize what you want to be all about, whether you're starting a company of your own or just for yourself - list out the things that embody you. What makes you, you? We love western lifestyle, cowgirl fashion looks, handbags (Montana West ones, of course), and fringe (if we could put fringe on everything, we would). 

Signature Accessory 

Accessories make an outfit, in our opinion. We think that they can add the perfect touch to any outfit. Whether your handbag is the statement or your outfit is, you'll be able to find a bag to match anything you're looking for to pull an outfit together. 

Weekend Plans

What gives us more joy than weekends? Not much. We love planning our weekends weeks in advance. Usually, our plans consist of being outdoors because that is where a lot of our inspiration comes from. 

Vacation Spot

Vacations are a necessary way to find more inspiration, right? We're dreaming about vacationing in Montana right now. We love the beauty and natural feel of Montana and even if we only get to look at pictures of it, we still get inspiration from it. 

We hope you feel inspired to create your own inspiration board and get the creativity flowing. Share with us your boards in the comments below or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MWInspiration. 

 -Montana West World 

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