Western Revival: A Fresh Look into Style Trends

Western Revival: A Fresh Look into Style Trends

For us, western wear will always be in style, but we're particularly excited that western style trends are on the horizon. In this post, we're going to take a look at some of our favorite trends that are making an appearance in the fashion industry today. 

1. Denim

Denim, in all its forms, is on the top of our list. Whether it's a denim dress, pants, button-down, or tank denim is one of this year's prized possessions. It can be dressed up or down, worn with boots, paired with turquoise jewelry, the options are endless. We love the look of an all denim outfit with any of our Montana West bags but we're particularly in love with the idea of these two: here and here. 

2. Bandanas

Bandanas aren't just used for one thing, as the bandana trend grows, so does the plethora of ways to style them. Whether you tie them around your hair, tie them around your bag, or even use it around your neck, you'll love the way a cute bandana lights up any outfit. There's a variety of patterns these days when it comes to bandanas but we're still rocking the classic red and white paisleys. Here are two bags we would love to wear with our red bandana accessory: here and here

3. Fringe

As you can tell by our handbags, we love fringe! Western-style trends have taken fringe to a whole new level by adding fringe to tops, pants, jackets, and shoes - you name it and it has fringe on it somewhere. We love the look of a simple outfit with fringe details all over, to make a statement, of course. Here are two fringe bags that we adore: here and here.

4. Boots

Boots are an everyday shoe for us already, no matter where we're going, we love wearing our boots. Style trends today are taking a fresh approach on cowgirl boots and it's got our full attention. With short styles, long styles, color options, and patterns, there's no doubt that you'd be able to find the perfect match for you. Although all of our handbags go perfectly with boots, these handbags are two of our favorites right now: here and here. 

5. Flared Jeans

We could file this under "denim" but we thought flared jeans deserved a category of their own. We love the trend of flared jeans, they can add a western flair (pun intended) to an otherwise simple look. Pair with turquoise, tee shirts or blouses, and your favorite boots and you'll be shining in your cowgirl best! These two purses are what we'd throw on to make our flared jean dreams come true: here and here. 


-Montana West World

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